Strange Aeons


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Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 I refuse to pick a favorite, this is to eclectic and good. Influences from 70's punk, to hard rock, to metal, to doom.....what can you say. It is a great album. Good stuff from France!
Grégoire Guery
Grégoire Guery thumbnail
Grégoire Guery The frantic madness which is "The witch is rising" should be enough to convince you to add this to your collection! Favorite track: The Witch Is Rising.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ This should come with a government warning, something like "Listening to AKASAVA may induce dangerous levels of headbanging and cause irreversible spine and neck injuries"
Heavy, raw and totally irresistible! Favorite track: The Witch Is Rising.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote the reviews on their bandcamp page say it all. check it out ! Favorite track: The Witch Is Rising.
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"“The Deep” treads the same groovy path as the UK’s Cathedral circa The Ethereal Mirror while “Sons Of Bastet” maintains the pace and recalls the raw bludgeoning of The Stooges and Mc5 wrapped in a Grindhouse aesthetic. The EP’s centrepiece and noticeable highlight though is “The Witch Is Rising”, an occult-rock nightmare of ascending chords and escalating paranoia that brings to mind the work of Goblin on Dario Argento’s Suspiria soundtrack. Haunting and powerful."
- Worship Metal

"The DNA of a pretty solid doom metal band is in here somewhere"
" 'The Deep' burns along like Paul Chain writing riffs for Lee Dorian to return the favour of Lee singing on Alkahest. And it is badass.
'Sons of Bastet' mixes a Budgie groove with Londoner punk style verses and some weirdly Alice Cooper inspired vocals."
" 'Black and White Lady' provides another roaring, bluesy jam from the garden of unearthly delights - and madcap vocals that fit perfectly..."
" I can imagine the EP sticking like glue to fans of everything from Sleep and Electric Wizard to Jex Thoth and Grand Magus."
- The Heavy Metal Saloon

"‘The Deep’ blasts out like Lee Dorian singing ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles. It would certainly sit well on The White Album."
"The whiskey rough tinge absorbs you in to his realm of smoky rooms, stone cold halls and dank basement dungeons."
"‘Sons of Bastet’ breaks loose from the starter pistol like a Stooges, MC5, Blue Cheer turbo charged hot rod. It is honest greasy, dirty rock'n'roll. It excites you like rock'n'roll should do, as if it is played on the cusp of complete freedom and chaos."
"[...] An intro of guitar picks and psychedelic widdly-ness as ‘The Witch is Rising’ accompanied with breathy vocals and echo effects. The word ‘Rising’ is whispered, and any song like this, done well scares the Bejesus out of us, and this builds to a climactic swell, illustrating the title; the witch is slowly gaining power and strength..."
"This is an excellent release that is well worth exploring. Arnold’s organ comes to the fore in the final two tracks, its fragile sound reminding me of Germanic Kosmiche Rock of Ash Ra Tempel."
- Inhale The Heavy


released May 26, 2015


Louis Hauguel: Vocals, Lyrics
Arnold Lucas: Guitars, Organ
Amélie Gavalda: Bass Guitar
David Touroul: Drums

Recording by Emilien Gnis.
Mixing & Mastering by Nito Rodriguez.
Artwork by Karmazid.
Band Photos by Jade Bailleul.



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AKASAVA Le Havre, France

The band delivers mystical, foggy, atmospheric landscapes that will bring you close to the abysses of your mind and hit your soul right after. The heavy and doomy sounds are also inspired by the dark side of the 70's, lovecraftian madness, Jean Rollin & Jess Franco. ... more

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Track Name: The Deep
Gods and vultures
Hail the creatures
Unnamable stars
Lonely deserts.

It's time to open your mind
Crawling chaos is on time
Space is devouring the wild
No escape for the blind

- Deeper, deeper they hide
Beyond the dark

The town is deaf like us
Mourning the past and loss
Relics of time, strange aeons
It's controlling your mind

Waters are tormented
The fury of Nature
Raging battlefield
Era of disaster

- Deeper, deeper they hide
Beyond the stars.
Track Name: Sons Of Bastet
I'm the son of Bastet
Bringing fire to your head
I'm the thunder from hell
Burning down your brain

I'm the son of Bastet
Rising up from the dead
I'm the new preacher
Making you feel higher

Life is not sour
When you have the fire
We are the new helpers
To restore the order

We are the sons of Bastet
Shaking your used skin
We are the new providers
Eternal life and dreams.
Track Name: The Witch Is Rising
The Witch is... RISING!
Track Name: Black & White Lady
Foggy corners and cold night
She is right on my sight
From ancient times and life
Rising the sun at midnight

- Black & White Lady

Faded laces and cold smile
She's whispering in the dark
Some ancient words and signs
Deadly symbols from the past

- Black & White Lady